Built by demanding agents FOR demanding agents


We take everything over from contract to close ensuring your deal is handled with the upmost care and diligence.


Outstanding Communication

We communicate with all parties in the transaction on your behalf and as YOUR team member ensuring everyone, especially your customers, are always constantly up to speed on what is going on. Using the best technology and systems in the industry we ensure everything goes smoothly to closing.


We make ALL the calls for you!

Whether it be to order the inspection, coordinate the WDO, constant follow up with the lender, getting the appraiser access....anything that needs to get done to make sure the deal gets to closing on time....rest assured we take care of it on your behalf.


Pro-active vs Re-active-f.png

Pro-active vs Re-active

By being overly obsessive with followup, task lists, and keeping on top of things, our team resolves issues before they become problems, addresses the little things on your behalf before they become big issues, and is always on the lookout for "red flags" in the transaction to ensure a smooth ride to closing.

Performance Based and Value Driven.png

Performance Based and Value Driven

You dont pay anything for our services until the deal is closed and you and your clients are happy! And if for some reason the deal doesn't close, you don't pay a dime! At only $325 per transaction, the cost is far less than hiring an assistant or outsourcing your work. On top of that....your 1st deal with us is FREE just to try us out!