Who We Are

At Leveraged Real Estate Solutions, we pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer service and will go above and beyond to ensure you and your clients have the best experience when buying or selling a home.  You can count on us to communicate clearly, respond quickly and make sales transaction a memorable, relationship-based experience. 

When it comes to overcoming threats to your transactions, our transaction managers are the solution you need!  Leveraged Real Estate Solutions is dedicated to providing expert professionals and a full range of transaction management services, which make your real estate transaction process easier and also help grow your business.

Transaction Management: Knowledge, Answers, and Solutions Delivered

Some residential sales transactions are more complicated than others, but none should be harder than it has to be. We simplify the sales transaction process by putting our experienced transaction managers to work for you. 

 The real estate industry changes constantly, but one thing that remains constant is our commitment stay informed with current real estate market trends.  Leveraged Real Estate Solutions provides a standard of excellence, integrity and compassion that is the foundation for success, at any production level. 

 When you partner with Leveraged Real Estate Solutions, you will find our transaction mangers are well respected within the real estate industry for their ability to get beyond obstacles, and provide solutions so that your sales transaction can keep moving forward to the closing table. 

Transaction Management Services

Residential sales transactions are multifaceted, involving many people, numerous tiers and varied levels of client involvement.  That makes it all the more important to work with a partner who offers comprehensive transaction management.  With Leveraged Real Estate Solutions, you have it. 

 Whether it’s your first or your hundredth residential real estate transaction, we offer Realtor® and brokers’ transaction services that include step-by-step transaction management and insight that help you make the most of your business.

 Our industry-leading professionals ensures that we bring you the best the industry can deliver by utilizing the latest technology, timesaving processes, unparalleled customer service with the convenience of a single point of contact and personalized experience for you and your clients. 

Our transaction management services include customized platform to meet the needs of each Realtor®, broker, and real estate professional.  We keep all parties informed on every step of the sale’s transaction, guaranteeing satisfaction at every closing.